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[Enquiry] beluae:shipping (2017-05-19 04:52:10)
Hi, I was wondering when the order will be shipped (2017041727145) It's been a month now. Thanks in advance!
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>_<~ sorry for late~ we still need about 5days to make your order~
we will sent it ASAP~
sorry for let you wait
[Message] subarud:Order 2017041306745 (2017-05-18 14:01:42)
Hello, It's been un month since i paid, did you know when you can ship my order ? ;) Thank you and have a nice day SD
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hi dear~ one shoes in your order is not finished~ we will finish the shoes in 5days~ >_<
we will try our best~
sorry for late~
[Message] Hisomu:Shipping (2017-05-15 11:17:19)
Hi there! Just want to know if DHL is the only shipping method available to Chile. There's SAL or airmail option? Thanks!
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>_<~ hi dear~ recently we only use DHL for your country~ (cause the EMS don't reach your country)
PS: we don't use SAL~....cause it's not safe, if lost we can't be responsible for this>_<~ hope you can understand~.
[Message] twinTrickster:Shipping (2017-05-12 13:44:24)
my order 2017041066372 is still unshipped, when will it be shipped?
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sorry for late reply~
the Fexdx stuff told me , the new track number is:
and the packet be received on May 19th~
hope you have receive it ^___^
hi dear~ your packet is send 10days ago~
As you choose the Fexdx, they only give us a track number in China website, don't updage the international track number.
I will call them for the update.
when I get the new number ,will update in this reply ASAP. ^___^
[Message] akitsune:Combine orders (2017-05-12 10:17:43)
Hi there Tatas! Please, combine my order 2017051211772 with my previous order 2017051206513 and tell me how much is missing for payment? Thank you!
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>_<~~sorry for late~
we have combine the orders~ please check the order:2017051211772.
[Buy] Anonymous user:2017042035302 (2017-04-28 12:22:00)
2017042035302 my order is unshipped.
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hi dear~
we have check your order~ it's still on working~
the wig is not finished yet >_<~
may be still need about 7~10days~
hope you can keep waiting~ we will try our best to sent the packet ASAP~
[Enquiry] Anonymous user:NO:DDH038 Sold out (2017-04-28 10:24:23)
Do you plan to restock item NO:DDH038, if so, when will they be back? Thank you!
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hi dear~ we have restock the DDH038 today~
[Message] EIDfan:Order 2017032664617 (2017-03-31 18:16:59)
Hello, my order is unshipped... Do you know when it will be shipped ? Many thanks.
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hi dear~ your order is send few days ago~ >_< we forget to update the track number
the track number is: LM336669886CN
hope you will receive it soon~
[Message] Leelewine:order #2017021292399 (2017-03-25 04:08:28)
Hello, Or is my order number #2017021292399 Thank you
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thx for keep waiting~
your packet is send to the post office~in Friday~
but the post office don't update the track number yet~
maybe in Monday or Tursday~ ^__^~
we will update the number ASAP~
[Enquiry] Kimmichi:Confirmation (2017-03-24 11:14:15)
Hello I wanted to know about my order. I never received a confirmation email but i see my order on the site. Any idea when it will ship? I don't know if an issue from when I placed my order is a problem. It told me payment failed but i see it says paid. Thank you for your service and time.
Admin Replay
thx for keep waiting~
your packet is send track number is: EA262812680CN
hope you will receive it soon~
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